Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When Harry met Sally

( H&M Swedish Hasbeens, House of Harlow sunnies, Nordstroms necklace Vintage tapestry bag)
When Harry met Sally a beautiful pairing of the perfect New York Knicks cap and shift floral dress outfit came to life. The most unlikely became highly likely to wear the two together. I feel most comfortable and at ease with always mixing at least two elements of styles; maybe it's my issue with commitment. I can't fully commit to one particular style whenever dressing myself. For example this outfit is equal parts lady like and sporty adding always a touch of granny-chic. These inspirational street style photos say it all with mixing sporty with everything and anything.
All photos courtesy of Tommy Ton

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sun Down

( Old Navy: DIY studded denim jacket, Vintage: blouse, Benneton: dress, Dolce Vita: boots)
When the sun goes down my mood calls for a darker way of dressing. The army of the many me's comes out and FBJ is on the prowl for a night on the town. Dark Lips, studded jacket, harness boots, a sheer blouse and a deep neck are all the parts of an outfit I need to feel sexy and kick ass!
I almost feel as if I can be living in this painting by my friend, TRIXIE, the designer of all things artistic from EMEUTE LOS ANGELES. There are times when i just want to be out of my body and just float far away above the earth looking down on all the towns. ((CUE: Lana Del Rey track))

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pushing "IT"

( I do not apologize for my constipated face ) ( snakeskin booties: Urban Outfitters, denim jacket:Old Navy, floral vest and black maxi skirt: Vintage)
We at some point of our lives are all guilty of Pushing "IT". "It" = insert noun here...We can practically push anything figuratively speaking and literally. I in particular love pushing my poop out of my bum hole figuratively and literally. Meaning no one likes toxic shit in there lives and if you do, you probs gots some fucked up shit going on in your head. It weighs heavy on your heart and even fucks up the way you go about your life. That is why there are walls and boundaries that must be put up. We shouldn't push our limits to the point of physical and mental breakdown. When the red flags of "I can't take this any more" starts waving we need to pack our bags and leave that toxic shit behind. Lets be practical, I can't push this brick wall (pictured above) just like you can't push someone or something into being the person or thing you want them or it to be.
I am no longer going to "push it". This is me standing my ground, an oath I take on here, FBJ and to all 10 of you who reads this blog ( 5 probably being the ones that are loyal followers, the other 4 my besties "the boys", and one being Bob in Arkansas, hopefully not my mother because I haz potty mouth). I am not going to let the darkness in my mind and unhappy people ruin my rainbow that I ride!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


 photo P8236029_zps03ea7f42.jpg 
 photo P1292748_zps9451f4ce.jpg-
  photo IMG_5811_zps334e09a2.jpg  photo P8075173_zps5139735c.jpg 
The many seasons of FBJ...The soul or spirit that was once me, who is still me taken different form of body.
"It's funny how people change, isn't it? I mean, I don't know. Do people really change? Mmm. I think they do. Yeah. But I mean like, still stay who they are, pretty much. I think we change all the time. I think we stay the same, but grow I guess, a little bit. I think if you're growing, then you're changing. But I mean we're changing from who we are, which we always stay as."

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Photos taken at the beginning of 2012 spent in New York and now the year has quickly flown by. Another year to start new. NEW used as an adjective meaning unfamiliar or strange 2013= unfamiliar or strange. Why wait for the new year when we can start those new changes NOW!??!! NEW=NOW...NOW=NEW #IAMSCIENTISTNOW

NOW:at this exact moment