Monday, May 21, 2012

FBJing things outside of my personal closet

(Thrifted top, Buffalo Exchange hat, Deena and Ozzy wedges, Forever21 shorts)

EVERYTHING I am wearing head to toe is not my own..The story behind the outfit is an unplanned sleepover at big sis Jane's apartment= shopping in her closet for FBJ vibes to wear the next day...Searching for anything printed exhibit A: "the all sorts of shapes that have prints within the shapes" blouse (side note..this blouse has the ability to make your shorts invisible please refer to photo #2), Next must have a pop of color exhibit B: the Forever21 shorts that were over-sized on big sis that my thunder thighs now inherit... Being an outfit repeater offender to school while incorporating other items from other sister's (LIl J) closet such as exhibit C: the hat that can do no wrong and exhibit D: the sisterhood of the the traveling Deena and Ozzy wedge shoesies...Final touches stacking on my own jewelry and whaaaaalahhh there you have FBJing things outside of my personal closet! I AM wearing my own underwear...I think...