Thursday, October 29, 2009

ONE multi-patterned long skirt

Thanks to my lovely friend, TRIXIE
for passing this long skirt on to me. This post is how one multi-patterned long skirt can make three very different outfits. To the naked eye, one might see just a skirt, but to me, I saw several opportunities to create a style fit for numerous of occasions.
I first wore the skirt as a tube top maxi dress and decided to wear my Zara studded heels to dress it up.
For the second outfit I kept it worn as a dress but added a thin waist belt to shorten the length. I tossed on a light denim vest for a more casual look. To put the finishing touches on the outfit, I wore my light brown/gray studded boots and did my hair in a loose side braid.
Since this magical wonder was originally a long skirt I wore just as is with a white crochet top. I tossed on a black cardigan to bring out the black patterns on the skirt. I didn't want to over-do the look so I went with black sandals to keep it simple.
TAH-DAH and there you have it - one muli-patterned long skirt worn in three very different ways!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"The little teal button-down leafy tree dress"

( dress thrift store, blazer H&M, wayfarer sunglasses Forever 21, bag Vintage

Here is the story of how "the little teal button-down leafy tree dress" and I were meant to be. One bright sunny day while shopping at my favorite thrift store, I stumbled across this leafy tree dress. I tossed it in my basket and proceeded to conquer the rest of the dress aisle. I shopped around until my arms could no longer carry my basket due to the massive weight overload of apparel. I made my way to the fitting room and found success in almost everything I had tried on. I was already tired of trying on clothes and ended up passing on everything that was left in the basket including the dress. A couple of weeks later on my next shopping trip to the thrift store, I walked down the dress aisle. And there it was the leafy tree dress, waiting for me to purchase it again and now it hangs happily in my closet. The dress has such a great fit and is the perfect length. I can't wait to explore the many ways of wearing it and changing the look by switching it up with different jackets and shoes.

Friday, October 23, 2009

City Life

( scarfH&M, shirt some random store that was closing down, it was only $7!, cardiganEmanuel by Emanuel Ungaro, high waisted denim shortsLevis, bagvintage, cross necklacethrift, rock ring(my fav.) Native American boutique , boots Delicious)

Today Ron Alan and I were on a mission to find myself a dresser for my newly made over room. We made a trip to Home Goods leaving empty-handed- mission not accomplished. On the way home we saw this interesting furniture store,City Life. The store had a modern vibe going on from cutesy owl figurines to creative nature themed paintings. They also sold books! This place was genius! I had to leave with buying something to add definition to my room. We discovered these cool chandelier lights that were originally $70, but since they had a sale we purchased it only for $20! I can only imagine the day I would be able to afford all the high-end furniture in that store to decorate a loft of my own.

I decided to take these boots for a walk, considering they have been collecting dust in their box. The brand Delicious usually has really cheapy looking styles but I try not to judge the label and keep an open mind. It doesn't matter what the brand label may be whether it's high-end or a lower end brand, it's the style and the way you wear it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Shopping spree for my little sister's birthday = Shopping spree for me

(denim shorts Kaitlyn, black pocket tank Eight Sixty, vest thrift store, ankle booties by Nicole, over the shoulder bag Golden Duck leather collection, jewelery various boutiques)

Shopping spree for my little sister's birthday = Shopping spree for me!! Being the awesome big sis that I am, I took Lil J to go shopping for her birthday. I knew this was risky because I did not want to buy anything for myself, but everyone knows that to be impossible! I browsed the aisles with Lil J trying to pick out various items she would possibly wear. This is where my self control kicked in, this is for her NOT FOR ME! While she was in the fitting room this vest immediately caught my eye. I couldn't help but try it on! This has got to be the most unique vest I have ever seen. The vest is composed of tiny flowers which appear all to be hand sewn together. Each tiny flower is either a solid color ranging from purple, orange, red, green or plaid that form the vest's shape. I can't imagine the hard work and thought that was put into creating it.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wooden Wedges

( cardigan Ralph Lauren, top thrift store, wedges Classified, bag by Liz Claiborne)

These wooden wedges are my all time favorite from my shoe collection. I love how they go with almost everything in my wardrobe, plus, they are super comfortable. I can throw them on with a pair of skinny jeans and an over sized T-shirt for a casual look, or to make the wedges look formal, I would wear them with a blouse tucked into a pencil skirt.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Give it a Go

(topThrift store ,skirt H&M, watch by Kenneth Cole, bowler hat Metropark)

At first, I found the idea of wearing stockings with open toed heels to be pretty awkward, but the the look has grown on me. After flipping through numerous magazine pages I was inspired to finally give the look a try.
The blouse I am wearing is actually a crop top when raising arms belly will be exposed. Note to self: most definately not a top to wear to an all-you-can-eat-restaurant

Monday, October 12, 2009

Speckled Gray

Nicole Richie

Alexa Chung

Peaches Geldof

Sienna Miller

slouchy beanies, denim shorts, knee-high socks paired with black boots, and over sized sweaters galore

The weather has finally cooled down and I finally get to snuggle into my over sized cardigans and sweaters! I found this gray sweater in Papabear's closet and haven't returned it since I laid eyes on it.
Who says you can't wear your dad's clothes?

( sweater by Jantzen Sweater Company, Asphalt denim shorts, Forever 21 ram necklace, bracelets & rings from various boutiques and thrift stores, boots by Bamboo, beanie from Metropark )

Friday, October 9, 2009

Floral Inspiration

Erin Wasson

Rachel Bilson

Chloe Sevigny

Although I am an avid fashion blog reader, the thought had never crossed my mind to create one for myself. I can spend hours reading blogs filling my noggin with inspiration and ideas to add to my wardrobe. With that, I thought to myself "Hey Jo! you should start your own blog and include everything that inspires you!" and HERE I AM!

Black boots+floral dress= Inspiration for first blog post

Confession: I will never get tired of floral anything!

(vintage floral romper, thrift store belt and rings, Ann Taylor cardigan, boots by Bamboo) Photography by: RON ALAN CRUZ