Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"The little teal button-down leafy tree dress"

( dress thrift store, blazer H&M, wayfarer sunglasses Forever 21, bag Vintage

Here is the story of how "the little teal button-down leafy tree dress" and I were meant to be. One bright sunny day while shopping at my favorite thrift store, I stumbled across this leafy tree dress. I tossed it in my basket and proceeded to conquer the rest of the dress aisle. I shopped around until my arms could no longer carry my basket due to the massive weight overload of apparel. I made my way to the fitting room and found success in almost everything I had tried on. I was already tired of trying on clothes and ended up passing on everything that was left in the basket including the dress. A couple of weeks later on my next shopping trip to the thrift store, I walked down the dress aisle. And there it was the leafy tree dress, waiting for me to purchase it again and now it hangs happily in my closet. The dress has such a great fit and is the perfect length. I can't wait to explore the many ways of wearing it and changing the look by switching it up with different jackets and shoes.

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