Monday, December 28, 2009

Mixing it up

(striped dress boutique in Long Beach, coat hand-me-down, boots and bag thrift store)

Mixing patterns fashion do? Or fashion don't? I think the following inspirational pictures justify the mixing of patterns as a fashion most certainly do at your own risk! Stripes on stripes, checks on checks, checks on stripes; who would of thought that these combination of patterns could be pulled off?! My fave look is Rachel Bilson's mash up. The polka dot blouse on the patterned skirt is just the right amount of funk without the outfit being over done.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

All dressed up and nowhere to go

This is L.Fritz one of the most unique, far out there, wildest, funnest, strangest girls I have ever encountered with. Did I mention she has a rad sense of style too?!? It's as if she stepped right out of Nylon magazine. There's never a dull moment I have with Fritz whether we are out thrifting for goodies at our local thrift store, having trouble picking out OPI nail polishes due to there being so many color choices, sipping coffee at a cafe, eating at restaurants (wanting to order every single food dish that makes us drool just reading the menu) or partying who knows where. This girl is one of kind!

Our Friday night plans changed last minute and we were all dressed up with no where to go. Our night consisted of photo-taking, sushi eating, facebooking, beer drinking ( coke drinking for me ;) ), walking through a Wendy's drive thru for $1 chicken nuggets, and rocking out to a band playing in a backyard which was cut short thanks to the lovely police department of Whittier. Indeed it was a splendid rainy Friday night well spent.

(L. Fritz is wearing: a lacey leotard from Topshop, tube top black dress H&M, heels by Dolce Vita , Mongolian lamb fur Bloomingdale's treasure hunted at Buffalo Exchange!
I am wearing: velvet rose dress and tannish gold top from a thrift store, booties by Steve Madden) mud is Dolce Vita's worst enemy!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rainy days

(scarf and dress H&M, hoodie and leather jacket Metropark, T-Shirt Vestal

Here are 5 reasons why I love the rain:
1) I love leaving my window open just a little bit so i can hear the "pitter patter"
2) Warm beverages such as hot cocoa and lattes taste better for some reason
3) Layers and Layers of clothing
4) The way the streets glisten when it's wet
5) Snuggling with my hunny
(and yes I know rain does have it's downfalls as well)

I have many plain tank top dresses that can also be worn as skirts when I throw a blouse or T- shirt over. I usually prefer my over-sized graphic T shirts that I shop for in the men's department. I still have yet to find the perfect band tee (preferably the Beatles). I fail to mention the brand of the black tights I wear when I do an outfit post because I have so many without the brand tags on them. Despite the rainy cold weather, I was craving an iced drink from Starbucks. Venti double shot on ice with vanilla sweetener thank you very much!(Ron Alan thought the drink smelt like tuna? what a weirdo!)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Dusty Rose

(cardigan, lacey tankthrift store, blouse Old Navy, jeansObey, scarf my mother's, boots by Qupid, jewelery vintage)

A photo shoot in an empty industrial parking lot led to wandering around and discovering a truck loading building of some sort. I am deathly afraid of heights so you can only imagine how bad my knees were trembling when I was on top of the platform. I was trying to be extremely cautious while moving around up there, so I wouldn't trip and fall breaking something, which would most likely happen knowing me. The things you would do to capture a good photo. Ron Alan continues to amaze me with his skills. We are currently using a new lens he bought and I must say I am loving it! I wanted to hurry and take the pictures so I could climb down but he wanted to wait until the sun set.

The weather was a bit chilly and I am not even mad! Getting dressed in this weather means layering it up for me. I tend to wear a lot of loose fitted clothing including this dusty pink blouse which should be worn with some tank top underneath. I decided to layer it with this light blue lacey top. This lacey top can be layered with various outfits considering I love using lace as a layer, peeking out from underneath blouses. The gray cardigan had peacock feathers floating all around and the goldish scarf consisted of different rose prints. How can I not add my prints in with the solids? The Obey jeans I purchased are getting a bit baggy and I am super bummed out that I didn't get it in a size down. We didn't get a close up on the gold necklaces which are linked together with safety pins (what is up with me and safety pins?!?). One of the necklaces has two roses linking each end which caught my attention. Dusty pink, gray, light blue, and a shade of gold; my color scheme is all over the place, kind of reflects the thoughts going on in my head almost more than half of the time.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vince Camuto wedged black boots

( turtle neck long sleeve Zara,pencil skirt hand- me- down, bag thrift store, sunglasses H&M black wedged boots by Vince Camuto)

New wedged black boots treasure hunted at Buffalo Exchange calls for a photo shoot! There are many benefits to these wedged boots: 1) they make me taller by 4 inches 2) they make my footsies seem dainty 3) I can kick an unknown predator in the face if the time calls for it. I purchased them not knowing what brand they were thanks to Ron Alan's curiosity he made out the label inside the boots. This striped turtle neck was probably worn only once due to the length being too short to wear as a dress and wearing it with jeans just did not cut it for me. The pencil skirt solved my problem, providing the tunic with a little more length. While walking around downtown Santa Ana, we came across a bunch of pigeons all lined up on top of a parking structure. An elderly man across the street throws bird feed and in flight they go. Ron Alan captured the time line pretty well.