Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rainy days

(scarf and dress H&M, hoodie and leather jacket Metropark, T-Shirt Vestal

Here are 5 reasons why I love the rain:
1) I love leaving my window open just a little bit so i can hear the "pitter patter"
2) Warm beverages such as hot cocoa and lattes taste better for some reason
3) Layers and Layers of clothing
4) The way the streets glisten when it's wet
5) Snuggling with my hunny
(and yes I know rain does have it's downfalls as well)

I have many plain tank top dresses that can also be worn as skirts when I throw a blouse or T- shirt over. I usually prefer my over-sized graphic T shirts that I shop for in the men's department. I still have yet to find the perfect band tee (preferably the Beatles). I fail to mention the brand of the black tights I wear when I do an outfit post because I have so many without the brand tags on them. Despite the rainy cold weather, I was craving an iced drink from Starbucks. Venti double shot on ice with vanilla sweetener thank you very much!(Ron Alan thought the drink smelt like tuna? what a weirdo!)

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