Friday, July 27, 2012

I've gots the blues

(Vintage Guess high-waist shorts, Vintage denim top, Vivienne Westwood pin)

I gots the blues literally. Wearing denim on denim doing the Texas Tuxedo kinda thang in a sort of Texas western vibe scenery or maybe not so much Texas and more of a desert.I call this three of me finding myself in a desert trying to be appropriately dressed by coordinating with my surroundings minus the fishtail braid. These shorts appear to be "Gina (pronounced GYY-NAH;referring to lady like parts) Munchers" but I swear they redeem themselves from the backside please refer to the post INDEPENDANCE JAM. They do the booty justice! The top is another vintage gift from my girl LALA, everything from the bell flare sleeves, pointy sharp collar, to the wash and cropped length makes me melt; no pun intended.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cream floral print skirt

(H&M top, Vintage skirt, Vintage denim button-up, Dolce Vita harness boots)

I've been rotating a bunch of vintage items that my gal pal LALA (Lalene) gifted me because she wanted to find a good home for them so freaking awesome that she had me in mind!!! I have the most thoughtful friends in the universe! Not only did she come bearing clothes but jewelry too #totesamaze! This cream floral print skirt was one of the many items I chose from the pile of vintage glory.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Independance Jam

I LOVE UH-MERICA!! You know what else I love THE LOVELY DAZE my go to website for all the jammy jams that are "the cream of the crop"! Whether I'm in a lounging in my undies kinda mood, getting down like the ghetto super star I am, or boogying nakie, I can always count on THE LOVELY DAZE to set the mood right! Tune in for all things weird & groovy!! Peep their INDEPENDANCE JAM pretty much on repeat!