Monday, July 16, 2012

Cream floral print skirt

(H&M top, Vintage skirt, Vintage denim button-up, Dolce Vita harness boots)

I've been rotating a bunch of vintage items that my gal pal LALA (Lalene) gifted me because she wanted to find a good home for them so freaking awesome that she had me in mind!!! I have the most thoughtful friends in the universe! Not only did she come bearing clothes but jewelry too #totesamaze! This cream floral print skirt was one of the many items I chose from the pile of vintage glory.


  1. love the shoes :)

  2. Great look!
    Love your blog by the way, about to go back through your old posts :)
    I'll love to follow you on GFC if you follow me?


  3. Love your style!
    Especially this look, so 90s!
    btw I followed you on bloglovin