Sunday, December 30, 2012


Photos taken at the beginning of 2012 spent in New York and now the year has quickly flown by. Another year to start new. NEW used as an adjective meaning unfamiliar or strange 2013= unfamiliar or strange. Why wait for the new year when we can start those new changes NOW!??!! NEW=NOW...NOW=NEW #IAMSCIENTISTNOW

NOW:at this exact moment

Monday, October 22, 2012

Too Short- not the rapper... My hair cut

(Zara corduroy skirt jumper, Thrifted Hunt Club brogue shoes,Urban Outfitters t-shirt)

Chopped the locks once again, it just keeps getting shorter and I am absolutely loving it!! My hair is surprisingly in its most natural state which is a big whoop-dee-doo considering I've been dying it all the colors of the rainbow and doing everything you can possibly imagine to cause damage. My look was yet again in the hands of TrixieMcgee. That girl can seriously cut anythang up and make it into a masterpiece! This haircut is most definitely one of her fruits of labor!!

Halloweenie is just around the corner. Good thing I am ahead of the game and appropriately dressed. I think I have the whole lumberjack outfit down minus the plaid flannel, beanie, beard and axe. 75% of the time I look like I am always in some sort of costume when in reality I dress like a clown on the daily!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Boxy Outerwear

(Fredericks of Hollywood jacket, Laugh Cry Repeat button-up dress)

Is it fall yet?!?!? I've been patiently waiting to whip out all my favorite fall pieces and they are all teasing me from my closet "Forget the damn heat wear me, your long sleeve knit sweater and stockings with knee highs and throw on Jim the laced up combat boots!" But I can't I'm sorry sweater babies and stockings of all sorts of prints you'll just have to wait because I'm sweating balls in this Southern Cali heat and won't be able to sacrifice my body temperature wearing you guys! Maybe if I was built like AC no questions asked you'd get play time 24/7! I promise once the heat dies down we shall have a spin around town.

And when the weather allows me to wear fall attire I run with it! Outfit worn in Boston wandering around the Harvard campus; Wearing this thrifted boxy crop jacket from Fredericks of Hollywood. I did not know that they made items other than sexy-time wear!!?? I am all about this asymmetrical button-up dress from my LCR internship-gives off that goth-chic vibe. "It's post-grad Wednesday Addams in the 90's, trying out for a 1920's football team.... in a graveyard...with a fishtail braid." and if you haven't gotten enough visuals... more of me resembling this barrel

My favorite FALL 12 RTW Boxy Outerwear pieces Acne Gucci Gucci Celine Celine

(images via

Friday, July 27, 2012

I've gots the blues

(Vintage Guess high-waist shorts, Vintage denim top, Vivienne Westwood pin)

I gots the blues literally. Wearing denim on denim doing the Texas Tuxedo kinda thang in a sort of Texas western vibe scenery or maybe not so much Texas and more of a desert.I call this three of me finding myself in a desert trying to be appropriately dressed by coordinating with my surroundings minus the fishtail braid. These shorts appear to be "Gina (pronounced GYY-NAH;referring to lady like parts) Munchers" but I swear they redeem themselves from the backside please refer to the post INDEPENDANCE JAM. They do the booty justice! The top is another vintage gift from my girl LALA, everything from the bell flare sleeves, pointy sharp collar, to the wash and cropped length makes me melt; no pun intended.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Cream floral print skirt

(H&M top, Vintage skirt, Vintage denim button-up, Dolce Vita harness boots)

I've been rotating a bunch of vintage items that my gal pal LALA (Lalene) gifted me because she wanted to find a good home for them so freaking awesome that she had me in mind!!! I have the most thoughtful friends in the universe! Not only did she come bearing clothes but jewelry too #totesamaze! This cream floral print skirt was one of the many items I chose from the pile of vintage glory.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Independance Jam

I LOVE UH-MERICA!! You know what else I love THE LOVELY DAZE my go to website for all the jammy jams that are "the cream of the crop"! Whether I'm in a lounging in my undies kinda mood, getting down like the ghetto super star I am, or boogying nakie, I can always count on THE LOVELY DAZE to set the mood right! Tune in for all things weird & groovy!! Peep their INDEPENDANCE JAM pretty much on repeat!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Spring 2011

I know this is soooooo last year but I can't seem to get over this lookbook. It has all my favorite prints paisley, polka dot, leopard, houndstooth, and gingham ( the only thing missing is floral). There are so many ways to mix and match the prints. The perfect cross of tomboy, girly and granny all in one collection! AND Do not get me started on the shoess!! These looks can easily have a "WTF" kind of moment but I still dig!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Saggy ass sad girl shorts

(Thrifted top and shorts, Ray-Ban sunnies, Urban Outfitters ecote shoes, Shotwell denim headband) (Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Spring 2011- Mary Ellen shoes)

The newest shoes to add to my collection found these bad ass babies at Urban Outfitters on my trip to Boston but the pair wasn't the same size so UO homie hooked it up & made a call and the shoesies were shipped over to my lair. I cannot get over how much they resemble the Mary Ellen's from Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony's Spring 2011 collection. They are super comfortable but one loose rock in the road and you will go tumbling down. First the substitute "totes Wang" now the substitute Mary Ellen's! On wearing the "saggy ass sad girl shorts" was going for the grandma/tomboy-chic balancing out the grandma with the shoes and the tomboy with the pink. Please reference the shorts from this Portlandia clip my girl TrixieMcgee sent me - HILAR

Monday, May 21, 2012

FBJing things outside of my personal closet

(Thrifted top, Buffalo Exchange hat, Deena and Ozzy wedges, Forever21 shorts)

EVERYTHING I am wearing head to toe is not my own..The story behind the outfit is an unplanned sleepover at big sis Jane's apartment= shopping in her closet for FBJ vibes to wear the next day...Searching for anything printed exhibit A: "the all sorts of shapes that have prints within the shapes" blouse (side note..this blouse has the ability to make your shorts invisible please refer to photo #2), Next must have a pop of color exhibit B: the Forever21 shorts that were over-sized on big sis that my thunder thighs now inherit... Being an outfit repeater offender to school while incorporating other items from other sister's (LIl J) closet such as exhibit C: the hat that can do no wrong and exhibit D: the sisterhood of the the traveling Deena and Ozzy wedge shoesies...Final touches stacking on my own jewelry and whaaaaalahhh there you have FBJing things outside of my personal closet! I AM wearing my own underwear...I think...

Saturday, April 28, 2012


(Thrifted pointy toe heels, Thrifted Jesus-chic top, Kill City leggings, Vintage printed jacket)

These pointy toe heels are TOTES NOT WANG but it totes reminded me of the Alexander Wang Liya's and Joan's. I ran into these TOTES NOT WANG heels on two occasions.I passed them up the first time and was not going to make that mistake the second time around. I seem to have this habit of associating my thrift store finds with high end designers. The item usually comes beckoning to me in a beam of light where this magnetic attraction happens AND BAMMMM the "totes not designer items" that is totes a resemblance has found itself a new home!! OBSERVATION A: the TOTES WANG TOTES NOT WANG heels...You can be the judge..Are these bad boys not the Liya's and Joan's evil twinsie!!?! o_O
The vintage printed jacket was "suggested by LuhLine" a.k.a LALA. She is seriously Mother Teresa and thought of me when getting rid of some vintage items. Of course they were all prints on prints on prints! The photos do not do this Jesus-chic top justice there's an asymmetrical party going on in the back and front!!

LIYA... photo via the Man Repeller JOAN

Monday, April 23, 2012

"I know that feeling"

(Calvin Klein beanie, Buffalo Exchange combat boots, Thrifted letterman jacket and button down dress)

You know that feeling when you can't stop obsessing about a certain hairstyle once the idea of it comes to mind?!? So you search the web like a mad man, on the hunt for photos consisting of gorgie gal-peeps who have this hair cut to make you confirm the idea that you should convert to the new do in hopes that it will transform you and you too will perhaps magically be as gorgie as these mega babes! "GUYS...I KNOW THAT FEELING" I am guilty of this obsession and had my BFF TRIXIE-mcgee chopped my dead ombre locks! She had no previous experience of cutting hair until I gave her the scissors with no other option but to JUST DO IT! Why didn't I go to my genius hair lady of 5 years you ask? Because times are tough...The ending result was that I absolutely love it and if TRIXIE-mcgee ended up giving me a horrible cut I'd probs rock it and try to convince others that it was the next "in" thing. Yay for beyond awesome BFFs who are ballsy or just have big balls.
Gothic dark purple lips are the perfect match to a nude muted color outfit.The lipstick shade I'm wearing is from MAKE UP FOR EVER in Satin Blueberry. Oh yes side note check out the new header all thanks to... yes you guessed it TRIXIE-mcgee! This photo was taken a while back by Adrian the rattlesnake and was featured in a post back in the day. Zee blog is totes starting to have that FBJ vibe-LOVES IT!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Let the boy pants be

(Thrifted printed boy pants, LF Stores top, Aldo wedge clogs)

I attempted to make these thrifted print boy pants into rolled up shorts and failed miserably with the use of safety pins. I decided to let the boy pants be! I was originally drawn to the pants because of the colors and print. I had no intention of keeping the length but somethings shouldn't be changed. Twas tricky finding a top that complimented the saggy pants look...Love how the LF top enhanced the awesomeness of the pants!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lonely Hearts-Real World

I've been obsessing over New Zealand based brand, Lonely Hearts latest collection-Real World.