Monday, April 23, 2012

"I know that feeling"

(Calvin Klein beanie, Buffalo Exchange combat boots, Thrifted letterman jacket and button down dress)

You know that feeling when you can't stop obsessing about a certain hairstyle once the idea of it comes to mind?!? So you search the web like a mad man, on the hunt for photos consisting of gorgie gal-peeps who have this hair cut to make you confirm the idea that you should convert to the new do in hopes that it will transform you and you too will perhaps magically be as gorgie as these mega babes! "GUYS...I KNOW THAT FEELING" I am guilty of this obsession and had my BFF TRIXIE-mcgee chopped my dead ombre locks! She had no previous experience of cutting hair until I gave her the scissors with no other option but to JUST DO IT! Why didn't I go to my genius hair lady of 5 years you ask? Because times are tough...The ending result was that I absolutely love it and if TRIXIE-mcgee ended up giving me a horrible cut I'd probs rock it and try to convince others that it was the next "in" thing. Yay for beyond awesome BFFs who are ballsy or just have big balls.
Gothic dark purple lips are the perfect match to a nude muted color outfit.The lipstick shade I'm wearing is from MAKE UP FOR EVER in Satin Blueberry. Oh yes side note check out the new header all thanks to... yes you guessed it TRIXIE-mcgee! This photo was taken a while back by Adrian the rattlesnake and was featured in a post back in the day. Zee blog is totes starting to have that FBJ vibe-LOVES IT!!!!!


  1. Love the lipstick!


  2. Love this look. Your boots and jacket are great.

    Thanks for your comment, your blog is lovely