Sunday, December 6, 2009

Vince Camuto wedged black boots

( turtle neck long sleeve Zara,pencil skirt hand- me- down, bag thrift store, sunglasses H&M black wedged boots by Vince Camuto)

New wedged black boots treasure hunted at Buffalo Exchange calls for a photo shoot! There are many benefits to these wedged boots: 1) they make me taller by 4 inches 2) they make my footsies seem dainty 3) I can kick an unknown predator in the face if the time calls for it. I purchased them not knowing what brand they were thanks to Ron Alan's curiosity he made out the label inside the boots. This striped turtle neck was probably worn only once due to the length being too short to wear as a dress and wearing it with jeans just did not cut it for me. The pencil skirt solved my problem, providing the tunic with a little more length. While walking around downtown Santa Ana, we came across a bunch of pigeons all lined up on top of a parking structure. An elderly man across the street throws bird feed and in flight they go. Ron Alan captured the time line pretty well.

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