Friday, October 23, 2009

City Life

( scarfH&M, shirt some random store that was closing down, it was only $7!, cardiganEmanuel by Emanuel Ungaro, high waisted denim shortsLevis, bagvintage, cross necklacethrift, rock ring(my fav.) Native American boutique , boots Delicious)

Today Ron Alan and I were on a mission to find myself a dresser for my newly made over room. We made a trip to Home Goods leaving empty-handed- mission not accomplished. On the way home we saw this interesting furniture store,City Life. The store had a modern vibe going on from cutesy owl figurines to creative nature themed paintings. They also sold books! This place was genius! I had to leave with buying something to add definition to my room. We discovered these cool chandelier lights that were originally $70, but since they had a sale we purchased it only for $20! I can only imagine the day I would be able to afford all the high-end furniture in that store to decorate a loft of my own.

I decided to take these boots for a walk, considering they have been collecting dust in their box. The brand Delicious usually has really cheapy looking styles but I try not to judge the label and keep an open mind. It doesn't matter what the brand label may be whether it's high-end or a lower end brand, it's the style and the way you wear it.

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