Monday, October 25, 2010

Topshop AW 2010


The 214 Magazine of Topshop's AW 2010 collection is the ultimate fashion fix from fall fashion essentials and make-up to music soundtracks straight from the catwalk. Big sis brought a copy home for me from New York and I can't stop peeling through the pages, eyes glued to the editorials. If my budget allowed me I think I'd stock up on all the cute booties and knits for this fall season. I'm so inspired by the layering and outdoorsy yet girly outfits put together that I decided to collage it up on Polyvore. My favorite item is the PROUD Block Heel Side Detail Ankle Boots ( Ron Alan brought to my attention). These outfits would be perfect for strolling the city streets on my trip to San Francisco in November. Maybe I can search my closet for items similar just so I can achieve that Topshop look.


  1. gotta love top shop!

  2. love your blog.

  3. You're making me so greedy, loving these looks <3

  4. We want it all!
    Except it's almost our summer :(

    xx Black Adder Fashion
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  5. aaaaaamazing. i want it all! how stunning is that model?

  6. Topshop clothes are amazing!


  7. im not a huge topshop fan but these clothes are really nice!
    the first picture is stunning. her hair is lush, i want it!
    your blog is so cute!
    following =DD