Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maniac Mat

Here are a couple of pictures that are a time line of my New Years Eve shenanigans, and yes I know these are super late it's already February! Here's to 2010;to bigger and better thangs! I am absolutely in love with this pink lipstick I bought at Sephora: Maniac mat. Muchos Gracias to the lovely Jaydee for discovering the perfect pink to achieve my goal of the Barbie lips!


  1. seriously LOVE this! your outfit in the first few photos is GORGEOUS x


  2. The party looked like a ton of fun! And I have a bright 80's Barbie pink lipstick too! Super fun to wear!

  3. loveee these- especially the rip in the tights. and love the lipstick; i have it! haha
    and gorgeouss blogg- will definitely be back again visiting SOON!

  4. it seems so happy up there..
    i love gathering with family and friends..
    lovely photos and i really love ur looks..
    so simple but u're stunning..
    nice lip colour anyway..

  5. love the photos of you jumping & the one of the little boy behind the couch - so adorable!