Saturday, January 23, 2010

Shirt / Dress? 0_O

(shirt H&M, beanie Calvin Klein, jewelery thrifted , boots Bamboo, watch Seiko, bag vintage)

I had to be reassured by my BFF Ayee all the possible ways I could outfit this shirt. While in line ME: "Hurry quick what will go with this shirt?! AYEE: " you could wear it with boots, sandals, shorts, tights, jeans". I am pretty sure there was more that she added on as I made my way to purchase it. It's hard to label "it" because of the length, is it a shirt or a dress? My fave thing about this is the proportions.I've been layering this shirt lately throwing on sweaters over, which creates a tail draping. Ohhh the manny possibilities of this shirt/ dress? 0_O ( Excuse my funky hair strands)


  1. Love the shirt!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  2. Love the first photograph and the necklace!

  3. LOVE this - such a great outfit! simple & chic :)
    definitley something I'd wear

    ♥ Hannah



  4. thanks darling! you're lookin good too. so cool.

  5. like the necklace

  6. I have a major habit of wearing tees or shirts as dresses,so comfy plus it looks good :)
    And that is a slouchy shirt i do need,lovely!