Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Janey Rose

(why yes I am thrifted from head to toe [well not my head] but the shirt, floral shorts, boots and bag)

The day consisted of frolicking on the sandy shores of Long Beach taking pictures with Big sis Jane who has just moved back from London town (whoohoo! BFF/next door roomie is bizzack!!) and lil sis Jill Rose a.k.a Lil J. We wandered around LB thrifting, our fave thing to do. Then we took a trip to Buffalo Exchange hoping to score but failed miserably. I can't believe how many items of clothing we had, some of the things I used to wear in high school I would definitely not wear now. I thought matching from head to toe, including matching eyeshadow was cool! Although Buffalo Exchange did not end up taking a bunch of my items it's good to know that certain thrift stores take donations and what is useless to me may be valuable to another.I guess the saying goes "One man's trash may be another man's treasure"

I thought it'd be genius to coordinate our outfits. My outfit: a holey black sweater and floral shorts. I am pretty sure I have been wearing this black sweater 3 times this week to different events. My boots were from my friend's (Ashills) garage sale. I do not care that these black boots are beaten up to the max! But I will not stop wearing them until they fall apart completely! Jane is wearing a Zara floral pocket tee, denim shorts from Topshop paired with stockings from Uniqlo, and River Island combat lace ups which she scored in London. Lil J wore an over-sized V neck by Ann Taylor, boots by Nicole, snake ring Lucky Brand.

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  1. I love your outfit!