Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Spinning the wheel

(dress thrift store, heels Steve Madden)

A lovely trip to South Coast with Jaydee led to spinning the wheel for a discounted price at Steve Madden. I was just tagging along so Jaydee could search for heels and I thought "Why not I'll spin!" It was just my luck because the wheel stopped at 40% off!! I was trapped and could not resist in buying these gorgeous platform heels. I was going back and forth between black and this blush color. Since I have so many black heels I leaned towards the blush! Now I've been having shoe nightmares of all the other heels and boots that I wanted to purchase!

Steve Madden heels that I am currently craving

Colorful heels galore! I want (scratch that NEED)heels like these to add color to my shoe collection. Can I puhhleassse have Jen Brill's purple heels?!?


  1. Nice choice Joana! I'm jealous!! I also need some color in my shoe collection. I bought some purple heels a while ago, but I'm not sure what to pair it with. hahaha I have no sense of style like you. Help me!! again! haha =)

  2. thanks Krystle!! show me the shoess!