Friday, January 22, 2010

Yellow Tights

I can not get over how yellow tights are worked into their outfits. I hardly see anyone rocking the yellow tights and I think that these fits give justification, that when worn right it can be pulled off. Yellow is such a bright color but when pairing it with neutrals such as black or simple patterns it doesn't seem overwhelming to the eye.

The first outfit is a perfect balance. Wearing shades of taupe and still working in other bright solid colors without overdoing it. The electric Chanel purse is a perfect touch to the yellow tights combo. Kirsten Dunst and Tao Okamoto pair their tights with black dresses and brown boots. The street styler is my favorite approach to pulling off the yellow tights. She wears a floral frock with an over-sized gray cardigan and still manages to accessorize with earrings and a gold medallion like necklace. Her purse adds a vintage feel her fit. The last photo, the street styler sticks to different shades of blue. She doesn't have a lot going on with her ensemble keeping it simple but sweet!

I think I'll be obsessing over this look for days! I have yellow tights that I wore once from a bumble bee costume and didn't throw them out thinking they would come in handy. Bumble Bee costume = Fashionable minus wings and black & yellow stripes!


  1. yellow tights when done the right way, rock! :)

  2. i love the outfit in the first pic and also tao's outfit

  3. wow, I'm loving these pops of colors! that mustard color is so great - I'm going to try and get some right now :) thanks for the inspiring pictures!