Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Floral Shorts summer lookbook

Floral Safari

Desert Fields

Tea Party


Have no fear summer is finally here! I have been anticipating the summer essentials that every girl must have stashed in her wardrobe. The first clothing item that came to mind was floral prints and what better way to display the print than rocking them in shorts! I have displayed various floral patterns ranging from an assortment of colors which express four themes. These eclectic looks and styles can apply not to just one type of girl but many; whether you're a girl who likes to seek adventure, rocking out at your fave concert, reading your favorite novel at the local park, or on the search for unique vintage treasures, your floral shorts are the go-to item for whatever the occasion may be.

and to set the mood:
The Strange Boys- this girl taught me a dance

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