Friday, October 25, 2013

Sun Down

( Old Navy: DIY studded denim jacket, Vintage: blouse, Benneton: dress, Dolce Vita: boots)
When the sun goes down my mood calls for a darker way of dressing. The army of the many me's comes out and FBJ is on the prowl for a night on the town. Dark Lips, studded jacket, harness boots, a sheer blouse and a deep neck are all the parts of an outfit I need to feel sexy and kick ass!
I almost feel as if I can be living in this painting by my friend, TRIXIE, the designer of all things artistic from EMEUTE LOS ANGELES. There are times when i just want to be out of my body and just float far away above the earth looking down on all the towns. ((CUE: Lana Del Rey track))

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