Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Denim Dress

(denim dress thrift, tan corduroy trench hand me down from mother, boots by Bamboo, zebra scarf H&M, green wayfarers boutique on Haight Street )

My lovely Friday was spent in San Diego. Ron Alan and I decided to do some sale shopping at Urban Outfitters in Hillcrest on 5th avenue. I love the length of this tan corduroy trench which can also be worn as a dress with a big belt cinched at the waist to give your body more shape. This denim dress was falling apart as I was getting dressed. I was in a hurry and decided to unbutton it half way, which was a bad move. I pulled my head through causing two of the buttons to rip off. The first button was already missing when I purchased it. I still wanted to wear the dress and I didn't feel like changing my attire so to solve my missing button problem- big safety pin to the rescue! Thankfully the zebra print scarf draped over perfectly covering the safety pin. No missing buttons will get in the way of my denim dress outfit combo!

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