Sunday, November 22, 2009

San Francisco

Oh San Francisco, how i love thee! I took a trip up north with the lovely Jaydee and Ayee to visit the one and only Elle Robinson! I am in love with everything about this busy city. The public transportation, walking down endless blocks, Haight street and its numerous vintage shops, shopping until i basically drop dead, the perfect cardigan weather, the coffee shops and cafes on every corner, and of course- Elle. The city was filled with trendy people from left to right, all with their own unique sense of style. Men dressed in spiffy suits and the women in their warm coats with the latest and greatest boot trends. If only I snapped a couple of photos for your viewing pleasure. Hopefully, I painted some sort of picture in your heads.

After checking in to the J.W. Marriot, we lounged around enjoying our room. After, we were off to shop while making a vow to ourselves only to buy things that we knew would be beneficial to add to our wardrobe and to, of course, shop smart! We spent hours in H&M, Urban Outfitters (which seemed to be where all the well- dressed girls were = total eye candy looking at all their great outfits)and Forever21.

Day two was spent with the witty and spunky Elle Robinson. Each of us searched for the perfect lipstick at Sephora, which is make-up heaven BTW. I decided to go bold and ended up purchasing Sephora in Rouge, a dark plum shade.
We ended our night trying on all our things we bought, including make up purchases. Thanks to Jaydee for creating wonders with her eyeshadows. How can we not have a photo shoot in our awesome hotel lobby?! Statement headband/hairpieces, vintage fur vest, shades of purple, the leather jacket, combat boots and sequin hot shorts featured in the shoot. Photos courtesy by ayEE photographEE

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